NSDL National Securities Depositary Limits for PAN

NSDL is the first and largest depository in India. Apart from CDSL is another depository formed to store securities or shares in electronic form. It is similar to holding funds / cash in a bank in electronic form. The securities are settled in electronic or dematerialized form to the buyers of shares.

Before setting up in 1996, there used to be bad deliveries happening with physical form of securities / shares.

The risks associated with physical shares such as signature forge, lost in transit, etc. are completely avoided when share transfers happen in dematerialized form. UAN Passbook Download

So, risks that were faced by the investors in dealing with physical shares have become the things of the past. In order to electronic or dematerilaise the physical shares, an investor cannot approach directly but through an agent called Depository Participant (DP).

For further information,please visit official website at https://nsdl.co.in

NSDL not only deals with dematerialized securities but also handles issuance of Permanent Account Number (PAN). One can apply online for obtaining PAN through the website without approaching any agent. Actually the official website is useful to apply PAN Card online visit the website at https://www.tin-nsdl.com. In that website everyone can also correction or updation of your Pan Card with the same Pan number.