How to get Universal Account Number EPF UAN Passbook

EPFO provides UAN Passbook – Universal Account Number UAN Passbook Download available in epfoservices web page at…..
Lot of aspirants are getting confused what is the difference between EPF Passbook and UAN Passbook. The UAN (Universal Account Number) was allotted by every employee in the EPFO. It contains for all transaction to your EPF statement. If you forget the UAN number, you can get it from your employee. Here we will explain how to know the UAN Number and how to get UAN Passbook Download. EPF India Website List

Employees’ largest gain is they can download or view EPF passbook for more times in a month. Besides accessing UAN passbook, you have a host of other benefits of the UAN portal. EPF Passbook is important for each and every employee so we will inform that every government employee must keep the Passbook very safely.

How to Get UAN Passbook Download or EPF Passbook Download

If you need to get EPF passbook you must considered your Universal Account Number it is the major initiative by EPFO. It has linked with Permanent Number related to the Provident Fund account, now employees should transfer amount through your online account. PF can be withdrawn without the employer’s signature.

UAN Passbook

Please open any web browser like Mozilla / Chrome / Safari then copy and Paste this URL If your UAN account has already activated you can click on Signin button. You don’t go for new registration process. Fill up all the required blank fields and you must enter your 10 digit PAN number. After You can get PIN Number it can be SMS to your Registered Mobile Number. Enter the PIN to complete the registration at UAN portal. After successful completion of UAN based Signup, your UAN activation has successful completed. Now you can signin by using respective Member ID and mobile number. Then you must download the passbook Download using the option of ‘Download Passbook’ under ‘Download’ section. That’s it.

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Advance PF amount withdrawal / PF Money Withdraw in EPF Account

How much amount can withdraw for Marriage, Illness, Purchase/ construction of house, for education, retirement, Unemployment etc using Advance PF Amount Withdrawal option in Epfindia website…
Safety is what all people require these days; it might be financially or physically. Coming to financial constraints, people tend to feel they are secured if they have PF account and that money can be received by them after retirement. The huge PF amount that candidates receive after their retirement will help the people in their old age and that gives them a thought of security to love their older life.

PF amount withdrawal is possible after the retirement age is just a normal thing and every one of us knew it. But it is to be known that we can also withdraw certain amount from our PF amount, under certain conditions and constraints. Here is the article that help you to know the various conditions and constraints that your withdraw amount from your PF account and that to what limit you can withdraw.

Under the withdrawal system there are two types of loans one can get, one is refundable and non refundable, refundable is where one needs to repay the loan amount on periodic basis and that non refundable, people are not required to pay anything and that amount is the pf withdrawal amount from the EPF account.

How to get advance PF Amount Withdrawal / PF money from your EPF Account

An employee can withdraw the PF amount during his service period for medical expenses, marriage or for purchase of house and other such cases. An employee will be allowed to withdraw the pf amount of 90% if he decides to withdraw the advance amount from PF account before one year of retirement.

PF Amount Withdrawal

One can withdraw amount for his / her daughter or son’s higher education. You are permitted to a withdrawal amount of 50% of his share along with interest. You are allowed to make withdrawals up to 3 times under these criteria.

Purchase/ Construction of House:
One can make advance withdrawal of money from their PF account for the purchase or construction of house or flat. One can withdraw up to 3 years of the basic pay and dearness allowance or may be the total of the employee and the employer contributions along with interest amount. The only condition under this is that the house is to be owned by the employee or the spouse of the employee.

Here are the one more criteria that you can withdraw advance money from PF account. All you need to be required to avail the amount under marriage criteria is that you should have been in to service period for a minimum period of 7 years. An employee can withdraw up to 50% of his PF amount from his EPF account. You can make up to 3 withdrawals from these criteria.

Retirement: An employee can withdraw up to 90% of the PF amount, after attaining the age of 54 or one year before the age of superannuation whichever is later.

Illness: One can withdraw the advance amount from their PF account for their medical issues. They can also withdraw for their spouse illness, children or also parents. An employee can withdraw up to an amount of 6 months of his basic pay along with dearness allowance or his entire money whichever is lower. One of the advantages of this is that there is no limit on the service period to withdraw amount for illness cause.

Unemployment: An employee is allowed to withdraw an amount of up to 75% of the PF amount in case of loss of job or candidate suffering unemployment.

This article is useful to EPF holders for how much amount can withdraw their PF account for various purposes. We have provided the latest information on EPF. Keep visit website for further updates. You can also visit the EPF India official website for more updates.

EPF Interest Rate Lowered to 8.5% for 2019-20 on PF Deposits

EPF Interest Rate Lowered to 8.5% for the Financial Year 2020-2021. EPF has reduced 15 basis points on Provident Fund Deposits. EPFO Interest rate for the financial year 2019-2020.
On 6th March 2020, Retirement fund body EPFO has lowered interest rates on provident fund deposits by 15 basis points (bps) for this financial year 2020-2021. EPFO will pay interest at the rate of 8.5% for the current financial year. Earlier interest rate was 8.65% for FY 2018-19.

The move is going to impact 6 crore subscribers of the provident fund scheme. The decision was taken at a meeting of the EPFO’s top decision making body Central Board of Trustee (CBT). Labour Minister Santhosh Kumar Gangwar said that the new interest rate will result in surplus of of over 700 crore rupees for the current financial year. EPFO invests 85% of its annual earnings in debt market and 15% in equities through exchange traded funds (ETF’s).

EPF Interest Rate for FY’s

EPF Interest rate 8.5% for the financial year 2019-20

The initial approval for 8.5% EPF rate was consented to by the EPFO in 2019-2020.

The Labour ministry to lower down the EPF rate in order to bring the rate at par with other schemes such as the Public Provident Fund (PPF).

The finance ministry has been reportedly nudging the labour Ministry for lowering the EPF interest rate. The EPFO has investments of more than 18 lakh crore.

It may be added that the Finance Ministry had in the previous fiscal i.e. 2015-16 tried to reduce the then EPF rate of 8.8% to 8.7%, as approved by the Central Board of Trustees (CBT). However, the decision was scrapped as it had not fallen through with any of the concerned stakeholders.

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EPF Death claim filing by beneficiary through Online to withdraw PF Money

Procedure for EPF Death claim filing by beneficiary through Online to withdraw EPF Money on Death. Aadhaar based EPF Death Claim Filing at….
These days employee provident fund is getting more involved with the welfare of the employees and making sure that most of the things are automated so that employees need not go anywhere and ask anybody about anything. Recently the employee provident fund has launched certain forms wherein the employees can get self-service. The EPF portal has so many options so that people can easily get the benefit from online process. Few employees may have to know the PF Balance without UAN.

Most of the things can be done through the portal only and so there is nothing that employees need to feel stressed for the work that is to be done. Here is the article that will help you with the required information and steps for filling the death claim by the beneficiary

How to withdraw EPF Money on Death

Once a subscriber is expired then the EPF earnings will be transferred to the nominee as mentioned by the subscriber earlier. If there is no nominee then the amount would be transferred to the family members.

The main thing that is to be considered is that one will be eligible to that amount only if the employee has worked for a minimum of 10 years in the organization and has died before attaining the age of 58.

The EPF pension amount is paid to the spouse and the employee’s children who are less than the age of 25 only. In case if one of the child is handicapped then the EPF pension will be given to him until the death of the child.  In case the subscriber doesn’t have family then the amount will be transferred to the nominated candidate and if there is no nominated candidate then the amount will be transferred to the subscriber’s father or to the mother on death of father.

EPF Death claim filing by beneficiary

How to Fill EPF Death claim filing by beneficiary [Form 10D, 20 and 5IF Application]

One can easily fill the EPF death claim through online, you can visit the official portal and you can clearly see the option highlighted ‘death claim filling by beneficiary’. Wherein nominee can fill the death claim through online at the easiest way. Here are the few steps that will help you definitely to fill death claim by beneficiary.

Go to Google and search for the official website and then you will see various options. At the bottom you will find a set of important links wherein click on the last link which is ‘Death claim filing by beneficiary’.

Once you click on that link a page appears asking you for the details like UAN number, Aadhaar details of the beneficiary, date of birth of the beneficiary. Enter all your details properly and then enter the shown captcha to go forward in the process. Click on get Authorization pin and you will receive a pin after that.

NOTE: Make sure that all the details you have given in the ‘Epf death claim filling by beneficiary’ tab should be matching with the EPFO portal.

Hope the article is informative and has provided you the required details about the online EPF death claim filling by beneficiary. We have provided the latest information on Employment Provident Fund Organization. Keep following the page for more updates and information about the EPF portal and new notifications.