18 thoughts on “Transfer PF Amount from One Provident Fund Account to New PF account online at members.epfoservices.in”

  1. I have two UAN number. Present company and previous company. Can I transfer my previous PF to new account with new UAN. Please give me reply

    • Yes, you have the option, first transfer your old EPF account to the new UAN with proper recommendation of your old employer, then only your old EPF account interests will add in the new account, until then the inactive old account doesn’t credit with interest also.

  2. sir i am working two company same time now my two pf account ” now one company i am left the job i want to claim my pf amount my kyc done by empolyer

  3. I joined Lab India New Delhi
    During this process also my EPF was not transferred to my account and now I want your kind help to get it done.
    My EPF account no in LabindIa was MH/22912/462 ( Need to Transfer to My Present EPF Account)
    My EPF account in Perkin was MH/98967/111 ( Later converted to TH/THA/0098967/000/0000111. ( This one is already Transferred)
    My Present EPF Account is DL/28375/000735(DSNHP00283750000000735)

  4. Sir I have two accounts in one uan .I have claimed for widrowel.but I don’t merge the pf account so second member id’s amount is done.but not done my first accounts amount please help me.and guide me for widrowel my first accounts amount.

  5. Hi, Rejected my Online transfer my old company PF to New one. I don’t reason, please tell the reason. How to resolve the issue.

    MY UAN : 100402178345

  6. How does the interest calculation/deposit happen for PF Transfer Amount when transferred from old to new pf account? Could you brief me. Will I get the interest for complete year?

  7. no uan only pension scheme certificate . two pension scheme certificate submitted .but not merched. i am a
    pensioner. i request only merching details and service for you clerification please.
    thanking you

  8. I am didnt know my UAN Nomber.I am warking L&T Company.Pleise sir You send my UAN No.

  9. I was a member of EPF from Aug,2004 to Dec,2004 for 5 months then I left the organization.l withdraw all my money in 2014 but I could not the money deducted to pension head.Now I join a New organization and opened a new EPF .Can old epf pension head deducted money be transferred to new epf pension head ?

  10. No uan only pension scheme certificate .Two pension scheme certificate (TN/TNY/9687Dt 04.01.2001 and MD/TNY/00075296 Dt 07.01.2013 )submitted .But whoud not merched. I am a single pensioner P.O MD/TNY/00108051.So i request TN/TNY/ 9687 Dt 04.01.2001 merching details and service for you clerification please OR FPF FUND RELIFE Please thanking you

  11. Dear sir I am Change Company Tell sir how to Transfer Amount anther Company
    in This Proces PAN Number is Compulsory are not
    and how to save pan number in EPFO Portal

  12. Dear sir I am change company’ Tell sir how to transfer Amount Anther company.

    How to save pan nambar EPFO


  13. How to chk it 2009 to 2013 PF balance that time NO UAN …still my pf balance I don’t know plz send me suggestions…fr pf, only pf account ,I’d is there…last 3mothe back applying…still no response nd not getting any mesgs.

  14. HI,

    I claimed the PF amount but i got the employee share amount as how much amount is there in passbook I got the same amount, so what about the employer share.

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